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The Life and Success of Masayoshi Son: Personality, Relationships, and Achievements

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Masayoshi Son, born in 1957, the founder and CEO of SoftBank Group, has become a well-known figure in the business world due to his remarkable success and personal fortune. From humble beginnings to becoming Japan’s second-richest man, Son’s journey is truly inspiring. This article will delve into various aspects of his life, including his personality, sexual taste, success, and human relationships, to provide a comprehensive understanding of this influential entrepreneur.

Early Life and Background

Growing Up in Poverty

Despite his current wealth, Masayoshi Son was not born into privilege. His father began as a bootlegger and small-time pig farmer before eventually finding success in the restaurant and pachinko industries. Son’s family eventually accumulated enough wealth for him to travel to the United States for college, where he attended the University of California, Berkeley.

Education and the Birth of SoftBank

While studying economics at UC Berkeley, Masayoshi Son conceived the idea of an electronic translation machine, which he later sold to Sharp for about $1 million. This start-up capital allowed him to establish SoftBank in 1981 as a distributor of computer software. Son’s approach of coming up with ideas and recruiting others to create them has been a consistent theme throughout his career.

I’m a man, and I think every man wants to be No. 1.

Personality Traits

Visionary and Ambitious

Masayoshi Son is known for his ambitious and visionary thinking. For example, he worked with Takenobu Miki to create a 300-year growth projection for SoftBank, aiming to become a 100 trillion-yen company (approximately $1 trillion). His desire to be the best in the world is evident in his various business ventures.

Confrontational and Determined

Son is also known for his confrontational demeanor, which sets him apart in harmony-obsessed Japan. On two occasions, he has threatened to set fire to himself or the offices of Japanese telecommunications regulators in disputes over fiber-optic cable access and internet censorship. While he apologized after the second incident, calling it an inappropriate joke, these events demonstrate his determination to fight for what he believes in.

Do not be afraid to win, do not be afraid to challenge. The goal is still far.

Sexual Taste

While there is limited information available regarding Masayoshi Son’s personal sexual preferences, it is worth noting that he is a married man and the father of two children. As a private individual, Son’s sexual taste remains a personal matter.

Challenging new things will revitalize the brain.

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Success and Achievements

SoftBank and the Vision Fund

Masayoshi Son’s success is primarily attributed to his founding of SoftBank and the establishment of the Vision Fund, the largest venture capital fund in history. The Vision Fund has invested in over 100 companies, including Grab, Coupang, and Paytm, attracting investors like Apple, Qualcomm, Foxconn, Larry Ellison’s family office, and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign fund.

Early Investments and Wealth

Son’s early investment in Yahoo earned him a fortune, showcasing his ability to recognize potential in the early stages of the internet. His net worth has fluctuated over the years, reaching $14.9 billion, making him Japan’s second-richest man behind Tadashi Yanai, the owner of Fast Retailing and its Uniqlo brand.

My limitation is what my mind-giving mind decides. Unless you give up, there are no limits.

Human Relationships

Professional Relationships

Throughout his career, Masayoshi Son has worked with several key individuals who have contributed to his success. One such example is Takenobu Miki, who worked closely with Son for eight years before leaving SoftBank to found an online language-training start-up.

Mentorship and Support

Son is known for offering mentorship and support to entrepreneurs, especially those involved in technology start-ups. His Vision Fund has provided funding and guidance to many companies, helping them grow and achieve success in their respective industries.

There are luck and bad luck in life. Do not rely on luck. Do not make excuses for bad luck.

Personal Life

Residence and Family

Masayoshi Son currently resides in Tokyo, Japan, with his wife and two children. He is known to have spent more than $100 million on a 9-acre estate in Silicon Valley, featuring a 9,000 square foot mansion.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Son has demonstrated his commitment to social impact through various philanthropic endeavors. In December 2016, he pledged that SoftBank would lead $50 billion in investments in U.S. companies, creating 50,000 jobs. Additionally, SoftBank’s shares took a hit in 2021 after ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing, facing pressure from Chinese regulators, delisted six months after its U.S. listing.

Challenges and Setbacks

Despite his considerable success, Masayoshi Son has also faced challenges and setbacks throughout his career. For the year ending March 2023, SoftBank reported a $7.3 billion loss, highlighting the risks associated with the rapidly changing technology industry.


Masayoshi Son’s life and achievements are a testament to his visionary thinking, ambitious goals, and determination. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Son has consistently pushed boundaries in his pursuit of success. By examining his personality, sexual taste, success, and human relationships, we gain valuable insight into the factors that have shaped his extraordinary life and career.

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